Pastor Binh Nguyen currently serves as one of the Pastors at Faith Community Church in Winthrop (south of Perth) under the leadership of Senior Pastor Benny Ho. He is one of Australia’s emerging dynamic young pastors, leading an alive and growing church, Binh is one of the most effective communicators to youth going around today. With a background in teaching and having served as a youth leader in the Perth Vietnamese Evangelical Church, Binh has a wealth of experience in working with youth in both a church and secular context. Recent speaking roles at conferences nation-wide have cemented Binh’s reputation as an exciting speaker with a fresh word from God to the next generation.
Binh lives in Perth, Australia with his wife Tran and son Ollie.

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Pastor Binh Nguyen is one of a renowned speaker and leader of the community. Many liked him a lot because of his inspirational speeches.

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