Cancellation and Transfer Policy:

Cancellations will incur a cancellation fee of 20% of the total fees if made in writing before the 1st December 2010. No refund is payable after that date but registrations can be transferred to substitute delegates without penalty. Please notify us of any transfer no later than 17th December 2010.

Terms and Conditions:

By signing the registration, the attendee agrees to:

  1. The conditions set out by the conference committee.
  2. The conditions set out by Phillip Island Adventure Resort.
  3. The conditions set out by the Continental Hotel, if staying there.
  4. The cancellation and transfer policy.
  5. The Registration fee does not include insurance. Delegates are encouraged to make their own insurance arrangements to cover any loss caused by unforeseen delay, circumstance or cancellation.
  6. Accommodation at Philip Island Adventure Resort: No change or upgrade of accommodation upon arrival at the Conference.
  7. Accommodation at Continental Hotel: The Conference Committee will take NO responsibility for any change or additional costs that incur within the Hotel's premises.
  8. The Conference Committee takes NO responsibility for any loss or damage of delegate's personal property.
  9. It is the responsibility of the Parents to have their children, from 3 years old, attending the supervised Children's Program during Adults Meeting Sessions
  10. Parents are responsible for keeping their children quiet during the Adults’ Meeting sessions, if their children do not attend the supervised Children's Program.
  11. During the whole Conference, parents are responsible for the safety of their own children.

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